Thursday, March 17, 2011

Everyone Has a People List!!!

Today i was laying in bed with my mother and my boyfriend next to me spending some.... I guess you could call "family time" in the middle of the conversation some how we ended up talking about the most important people in our lives (I think it was because my mom and boyfriend were ganging up on me and I was starting to get upset). My mother just said with no hesitation of course you are the #1 on my list which led to me saying the same thing to my mom and then i stated that my boyfriend was #2 on my list (I am guessing this surprised him), the conversation continued and my boyfriend stayed silent. A few minutes later he spoke and all he said was "I have never really thought of that its a hard question". That comment surprised me I guess because i have always set priorities in my life from a young age. I wonder how many people don't actually think about those kinds of things that just caught me of guard. The pictures under are of me and my #1 and #2 <3<3<3 I LOVE THEM NO MATTER  HOW UPSET OR WORRIED I AM THEY ARE ALWAYS CLOSE TO ME HEART<3 Who's on your list?

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